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Kyuhyun & Eunho :: best friends for life

Their friendship makes me happy. Incredibly so. I think it’s rare for two people to remain friends after one of them is thrust into stardom, especially at such an early age. Sure, they may keep in touch and talk every once in awhile, but I don’t think it is very common for two friends to continue to hang out on a regular basis, despite one’s elevated social status. But that isn’t true for Kyuhyun and Eunho, and I think that says alot about their characters, Kyuhyun’s in particular. Kyuhyun and Eunho have been close for a really long time, (look at their little bb selcas in the middle gif) and to this day remain thick as thieves. Kyuhyun has never let his fame cloud his judgement or his relationships, and that is the mark of a true friend. Not only has Kyuhyun continued to extend the hand of friendship to Eunho, but he’s introduced him to his new friends (i.e. Kyungjong) and has created new alliances and bonds that never would have been forged without him. Together they’ve had countless adventures, just like normal boys… because they are normal boys. Kyuhyun even attended Eunho’s graduation, despite his busy schedule, when so many idols can’t even find time to attend their own graduations. Kyuhyun is extremely multifaceted, and there is far more to him than meets the eye. Having a friend like Kyuhyun must be an invaluable asset in life, and the people who have him are luckier than all the stars in the sky. ;~; ♡