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Kathryn’s questions:

1.) If you could be in any kpop group, regardless of gender, age, etc, which would you pick?
WELL, Super Junior, of course :)) but.. I also really, desperately want to be a member of SNSD, as well ;~; 

2.) What was your first major fandom? 
Harry Potter. First and last, baby! But AFI not long after~  

3.) If you could visit any day/year/period in the past, what would it be?
Probably the Renaissance.. I’d like to witness the rein of Queen Elizabeth I and sneak into a Shakespeare play at the Globe. 

4.) If you crossed over your two main fandoms, what would be the weirdest pairing to come from it?
Hmm…. so that’s SuJu and DBSK, then. Errrr.. I ship like.. all of DBSJ hahaha. Let me think.. Henry and Yunho? Yesung and.. anyone. Lmao, idk >< 

5.) Favourite song from your childhood that you still listen to now. 
REM - “Loosing My Religion”

6.) What the hell is a hufflepuff?
A puff of a huffle? 

7.) What type of person is your “ideal” partner?
Ah. A guy who is intelligent, first and foremost, who would respect me as an equal, make me laugh, and yank me out of my social comfort zone. A guy who is sweet and thoughtful and will let me take care of him and who would take care of me, who wouldn’t hesitate in complimenting so I wouldn’t get insecure, especially since I can count on one hand the compliments I’ve received from my family growing up. Someone who wouldn’t mind just staying in and curling up on the couch and doing nothing but listening to the rain. :(( I am going to be alone forever, ugh.

8.) Favourite farmyard animal?
Ngl, I am not crazy about animals, haha, but err… horse?

9.) Do you believe in fate?
I used to but.. not so much anymore. 

10.) A book you’d recommend everyone to read. 
Harry Potter / The Master and Margarita 

11.) Pet peeve?
When people walk REALLY SLOWLY in front of me and I can’t get around them/when people are rude and thoughtless of others around them/carelessness. Also when people only talk about themselves/complain about trivial things.


Hellvy’s questions:

1.) If you could see any band live, right now, who would it be?

2.) Puppies or kittens?
Kitties <3 

3.) Do you feel like you sleep enough?
No. Not even close.

4.) What’s one rule (general or personal) that you would never break?
Ooo, I like this question, hm. I have always been painfully rule abiding but, hm.. I would never put myself before the people I love and care about. 

5.) What were your favourite TV shows when you were little?
RUGRATS!!! Lizzie McGuire, Doug, The Amanda Show, Kazam (?), All That.. basically all the general ’90s shows haha.

6.) If you could live in any country, where would you go?
South Korea, Japan or England 


Drishya’s questions:

1.) What are your plans for the future? (ie: what you want to be, or anything else really)
I plan on graduating in a year’s time with a BA in literature and a teaching certificate under my belt. Then I hope to teach some in the States before traveling abroad to either Japan or South Korea to be an ESL teacher there. But my ultimate goal is to be a novelist and immortalize Alex’s name in literary history forever. 

2.) What is one place you really want to visit and why?

3.) Your definition of an ideal day?

4.) Would you rather be extremely tall or extremely short?
Well, I already am extremely tall……. 

5.) Dark, white, or milk chocolate?
Milk!!!!!!!!! Though, I wouldn’t say no to dark, either. But white can gtfo.

6.) What is one of your favourite books that you have read recently? (meaning I am fishing for recommendations but you don’t know that)
Let Me In!! You should read it if you like dark, creepy things. And I will recommend The Master and Margarita til the day I die.

7.) If you could be any disney character, who would you be?
Ariel because being a mermaid… ahh yes.  

8.) Favourite song you jam to when stressed out?
"Mr. Taxi" by SNSD

9.) Morning or evening person?

10.) Any language you really want to learn and why?
Korean for obvious reasons :)) 

11.) What animal would you like as a pet? (without looking at practicality)
A Pegasus?  


Andie’s questions:

1.) What is your goal in life?
To write a novel that will touch people’s lives. 

2.) What makes you die of cuteness?

3.) Have you ever seen your bias in real life?
Yes and it is a miracle I am still here today ;~; 

4.) If you haven’t, how would you react when you see him/her?
Well.. I did haha. soo I guess I will just tell you that my knees buckled and I fell to my knees (from very far away) and got lots of bruises. 

5.) City or Nature?
In between? 

6.) How did k-pop came into your life?
Through friends that weren’t my friends at the time but I watched them from afar on a message board and fell in to the Kpop thread. 

7.) Will you ever stop loving k-pop?
Probably not. 

8.) Have you spent a lot in kpop stuff?
Yes T_T </3 

9.) What does your friends think about kpop?
They er… think it’s weird. 

10.)  If you got lost in an island, with who would you like to be?
Kyuhyun???? :D 

11.) Cookies or strawberry cake?
HAHAH I LIKE HOW THE CAKE IS SPECIFIED AS “STRAWBERRY” Hmm.. that is tough!! I love all sugary things D: if the strawberry cake is made artificially, then I choose that. If it has real strawberries thrown in there, then I choose cookies ^^ 


Sel’s questions:

1.) Who was your first bias?
Cho Kyuhyun, himself. :’)

2.) Favorite rookie group so far?
Ehhh.. I don’t really pay attention to the rookie groups D: but I guess, since they’re so close with SJ, then EXO. 

3. Favorite Bias hairstyle?

4.) Song with most plays in your iTunes?
Super Junior M – 这一秒 (The Moment)

5.) Favorite food?
Chocolate.. >_>

6.) You bump into your bias on the street, what do you do?
Burst into tears and try my hardest to engage him in conversation ;A;

7.) Laptop on lap or table?

8.) Do you like cats?
Of course! What kind of a person doesn’t like cats? :D

9.) Dream place to live?
South Korea, just outside of Seoul / England

10.) Favorite DBSK song?
THIS IS THE HARDEST QUESTION EVER….. but according to my last.fm I’ve listened to どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? the most… despite that actually being THSK and not DBSK.. D:

11.)  Super Junior song?
SELINA………… AH. It’s a toss up between “Sapphire Blue” , “My Love, My Kiss, My Heart” , “The Moment” and “Opera” :(((( 
Stephanie’s questions:

1.) What is your current obsession?
I have alot so… heheh
  • Kpop (Super Junior, DBSK, SNSD, Shinhwa)
  • Harry Potter
  • Anime (too many to list)
  • BBC Sherlock
  • Books in general
2.) Last song you listened to?
Ukiss - “Neverland” has been on repeat for a day now, haha.

3.) Have you ever been to a live concert?
  1. If yes, who was it? ..so many err.. Creed (lol), Nightmare of You, Rise Against, AFI, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, SMTown, Counting Crows, Goo Goo Dolls, Young the Giant, and so many more I can’t even think of rn..
  2. If yes - multiple, which is your favourite? SMT, of course :)
  3. If no, who would you most want to see? Super Junior SS4
4.) What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
Titanic in 3D

5.) What is your favourite musical instrument to play/listen to?
Piano / violin

6.) Which side of the bed do you prefer to sleep on?
The side either closest to the wall or furthest from the door.

7.) What is the first thing you notice when you first meet someone (male/female)?
Hair then eyes. Hair is such a deciding factor with me, haha, idek.. which is dumb because it is the part of people that can be changed most frequently/easily. But I am a sucker for eyes. 

8.) Floral, fresh, or woody scents?
Fresh or woody.. just not floral, yuck.

9.) Do you prefer boots, sandals, or runners/sneakers?
None? Haha, I like flats ;A;

10.) Cake or pie?
CAKE. Sorry Dean, but pie is gross.

11.) Three things you can’t live without?
My computer with internet, my books, and my friends. ^^

Chleo’s questions:

1.) Favorite k-pop album?
Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”. It was the first Kpop album I ever heard and it’s just.. the best ;A; it set the bar very high, haha 

2.) A place that you visited and will never forget ^^
Europe on my 11th grade honors field trip. ;A; it was with all my closest friends and we saw the most amazing things and.. it was the best trip ever. 

3.) Do you have nice handwriting?(this is so random omg)
I like my handwriting, so I’ll say yes, haha. I’m always chosen to be the “scribe” in class, at least ;; 

4.) Best movie you’ve ever seen?
Wow, what a difficult question.. hm. Probably the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 

5.) A type of food that you’ve always wanted to try, but still haven’t?
Korean BBQ (lol wait..) 

6.) Is your first bias STILL your bias?(lol)
Yes! :D 

7.) A korean/k-pop phrase or word that you often use?
왜 그래?

8.) Something that you’ve never told to anyone in real life, but you’re willing to share with us? ^.^
Hm……. I accidentally stole a star bracelet when I was 5. We were in the store and I was trying on all these different bracelets while my mom shopped and then all the sudden she said it was time to go and I thought I had taken them all off when I dashed out the door behind her but that one was still on my wrist ;___; I freaked out and threw it in a bush and then I told my mom and she said she was very disappointed in me but I’ve never told anyone else.. for like 5 years after that (until we moved, really) every time I saw a cop car I thought it was after me ;~; 

9.) Talk a bit about your hobbies.
I just like reading books whenever I’m not chained to the computer ;A; that’s about as far as my hobbies go.. D: 

10.) Where do you see yourself in, idk, 10 years?
Hopefully married…. :( with a book published or well on its way.. 

11.) Do you want to change something about yourself?
Just about everything, haha. ;;


Mindy’s Questions:

1. What is your most favorite Kpop group?
Super Junior !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

2. Do you listen to more boy groups or girl groups?
Boy groups. SNSD is the only girl group I listen to actively. 

3. Who is your ~ultimate bias~?
Jongh— err I mean.. Kyuhyun… 

4. Has that person always been your ultimate bias?

5. Who is your favorite Kpop singer?
Kyuhyun? haha 

6. In your opinion, which idol currently has the best hair?
Well, a week ago, I would have said Jaejoong while it was still blond.. sighs. So now.. hmm.. no one has particularly OMG hair rn.. Hyuk dyed his.. Kyu’s sucks lol.. I’m going to say Hyoyeon for the first era of her life :’) <3333 

7. If you could be in a Kpop group, what would be your role?
Maknae.. and also the member that is kinda good at everything but isn’t the main anything lol D: 

8. What is your 5th most played Kpop song on your media player?
Super Junior – “My Love, My Kiss, My Heart”

9. What was the first Kpop group you ever listened to?

10. What is the Kpop group you have most recently gotten into?


Pums’ questions:

1.) What is your favorite time of day? Why? 
Dusk/twilight .. because it isn’t too hot and the sun isn’t as oppressive and the sky is streaked with rich shades of pinks and purples and oranges, because people start to unwind around that time and tension is loosened up. It also reminds me of soccer practice in high school.. it was really fun.

2.) If you were a bender, what element would you be able to control? 

3.) Paste the last thing you’ve had on ctrl+c ? 
It would just be your questions over again, lol.

4.) A week with your favorite group/cast or a day alone with your bias? How would you spend that time? 
A week with Super Junior.. ahhh. <33 Just doing what they do best: being silly and you know, me trying to get Kyuhyun to fall in love with me, the works~ I couldn’t spend a day alone with Kyuhyun because I know next to no Korean and he knows even less English, so.. I need to rely on Henry, Zhou Mi and Siwon to play translator :))

5.) A talent you want to learn? 
Violin, sketching, learning languages. 

6.) Your childhood dream job? Has it changed since then? 
Singer/actress/teacher.. so, kinda yes, kinda no.

7.) What’s the oddest  dream/nightmare you’ve had? 
I try not to dwell on dreams so I really don’t know D:

8.) Would you rather be the protagonist of a video game or anime? What genre? 
ANIME. I don’t want dumb kids telling me what to do!! And.. fantasy. 

9.) Most played song? 
Super Junior M – 这一秒 (The Moment) 

10.) How are you feeling right now? Describe only in colors. 
Black and dismal grey.

11.) Besides your fandom(s), what other things are you interested in? 
There are things to be interested in outside fandoms???? Books? lol idk D:


Hannah’s questions:

1.) If you had the opportunity to say one thing to your bias, what would it be?
Thank you for surviving and making the most of your life and turning into a man that could make your parents burst with pride and that I could be comforted by and love endlessly ;_; 

2.) Who is your role model and why? If you don’t have one, what are some qualities you admire in a person?
Yunho? I think Yunho.. Yunho is perfect, I don’t know. But I also really, really look up to admire Kyuhyun when he’s not acting like a brat :))

3.) What is your go-to if you need a pick-me-up? 
Kyuhyun, Kpop (music) and/or anime.

4.) If you had to choose an object/animal to represent yourself, what would you pick?
A rose.. because I think there are aspect to my personality that are more prickly than people realize :/

5.) What is your favorite word and why?
Asunder. It’s audibly beautiful word that, in meaning, is actually not beautiful at all, but quite sad given the context in which it is most commonly used. 

6.) What do you think is the most beautiful language?

7.) What is your ideal gift?
Something meaningful that will cause me to recall a person or a time that is special to me.

8.) Name your favorite fictional character and describe why you like him/her/it.
Hermione Granger. She’s brilliant, confident, unbelievably loyal, and kind. She was the only person in the entire series never to abandon Harry even once. She went against everything she stood for for the sake of her friends.  I love Hermione ;_;

9.) When you think back on your childhood, what comes to mind the most?
Riding bikes with my sister in front of the house.

10.) Do you prefer Tumblr or Twitter? Why?
Twitter because that’s where my oppas are.

11.) Which color do you think most accurately portrays you?
Red — passionate, you know. ;; 


My questions:

  1. What was your favorite stuffed animal/doll/toy as a child?
  2. What is your favorite beverage? 
  3. Do you have any piercings or tattoos? If so, what/where are they?
  4. A story behind a scar? If you don’t have any, a story where you almost got badly injured but managed to avoid it?
  5. Lucky number?
  6. Favorite song by your favorite idol group?
  7. Do you like Harry Potter? If so, which is your favorite book? If not… why??
  8. Ideal weather?
  9. Do you play any instruments? Which do you play or want to play if you don’t play any?
  10. Favorite color?
  11. A phrase you live by?

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